About Us

Who We Are

Advaita Movement is a yoga sangam or assembly of spiritually inclined individuals. We currently run classes across the GTA.

Our Philosophy

The word Advaita means non-duality or oneness in Sanskrit. It is rooted in the belief that there is no good and bad, happiness and sorrow, you and I; the belief that these qualities actually all come from the same source of oneness, and are the same. In a similar light, we believe that although we may be at different stages on our spiritual journey, the journey itself is just as much communal as it is individual. Our aim is to create a community where we strive for spiritual upliftment together, encouraging one another towards our spiritual goals along the way. Advaita Movement follows the traditional teachings of Raja Yoga, and believes that we are one and live under one sun. We should embody the oneness, warmth and resilience of the sun, move together as one and radiate the sun's life-giving force to all those around us. We can just see it. The energy and positivity will be contagious. It’ll be epic!

Our Vision

Our dream is to one day start a holistic health centre, where anyone and everyone is welcome. The centre will serve as an urban get-away, where peace can be incorporated into daily living because it’ll be close to home and not so far away. We have so many ideas of all the services we can offer you and how it’ll all turn out. So please feel free to talk to us, if you want to learn more or help out in any little way.

A note on the founder

Madura is a holistic health advocate, and comes from a deeply rooted background in science and health care. She has been practicing yoga from various reknowned gurus since her early teens, and has both Traditional Hatha Yoga Training and Certification from the Annamalai University as well as 200 YRT Certification. She plans to pursue further training in siddha marma massage and ayurvedic nutrition. Her strong foundation in the health sciences enables her to apply and explain the benefits of Yoga from a rigorous question-based approach, while her inner artist and mystic often likes to let loose and just flow. To her, yoga is both science and art. Madura's life goal is to get as many people as possible to adopt a yogic lifestyle. She believes that therein lies the secret to true happiness.

Our Services

Madura Siva-Nandakumar is an angel of a human being, and a phenomenal yoga teacher! Ever since meeting her in January this year, my life has been positively blooming and transforming. She is modern, traditional, authentic, and warm. She cares about her students. Her music is on point. Spending an hour in her studio learning from her and healing from the good energy and vibes is something I want all of you to benefit from!

After years of dropping in and out of Toronto's yoga studios, I can definitely say Advaita Movement is one I'll keep going back to and refer more and more of my friends to. Sometimes the most rewarding journeys have to start with the right people with actual compassion and knowledge.<3

Dilani Bala

Toronto, Ontario

Previous Events

Bring an Aunty!

Our friends at A.N.B.U. are hosting yet another wonderful event for such a worthy cause, and we’re excited to be a part of it. We’ll be doing some healing through our traditional hatha yoga class and station. We know you can’t resist. So, come join us!

The Cause:

One of the most common aftermaths of childhood sexual abuse is abusive relationships into adulthood. Developing with the reality of childhood sexual abuse impacts adult relationships with ourselves and others with issues such as boundaries and sexuality. Unfortunately, a realistic present for most survivors of childhood sexual abuse is intimate partner violence.


ANBU is raising awareness on intimate partner violence. They will be sharing resources and tools to build your capacity and understanding of intimate partner violence, followed by goods and services to rejuvenate your senses, pamper your body and soul!

Let’s navigate ways we can support one another and bridge the gap between generations so that we can openly talk, connect and heal. Bring an Aunty, and join us for a day of celebrating the resilience and courage of the women in our community.

This event is open to EVERYONE! We only request that you bring along an Aunty/Mother figure/Grandmother/Feminine body.  Space is limited so RSVP is required.

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